Hello my name is Gaia

I was born in Monza on 25th September 1991, my mother said, it was a beautiful sunny day.

I love what I do

When I grow up I develop a strong passion for creativity, that makes me every day, more passionated in things I create. First of all I love Graphic Design but more over I appreciate every kind of art.

I believe in creative minds

I really believe in creating things, I think the future is inside us. A creative mind has a world inside.



Giusta beer!

Smart cities EU

Delizia icecream

Would you like to see more? or if you want you can contact me!

About me

I love my family first of all
I love every kind of art
I like go shopping
I love my friends
I love coffee
I love sigarettes
I like to go out
I love travels
I love every kind of shoes
My favourite food is pizza biancaneve
I love my doggy
I would like to have, in future my own happy family

work with passion
love with open heart
speak with sense
That's what makes me feel good